At Streatham Wells, we believe in the power of music. Music has the power to ignite creativity, language, literacy, social and emotional wellbeing and confidence. We teach music in many different ways from specialist instrument provision, to musical theatre, to our amazing singing assemblies. Children are taught the key elements of music such as rhythm, pulse, duration, pitch, tempo, timbre, texture, melody, structure, and harmony..and have fun while doing it!

  • To provide opportunities for our children to develop their musical skills, knowledge and understanding within music as a subject and across the curriculum.
  • To provide opportunities for children to participate in positive, enjoyable musical experiences and to see themselves as musicians in their own right.
  • To develop our children’s ability to listen attentively to music.
  • To encourage children to appreciate a wide variety of music.
  • To develop our children’s skills and confidence in responding to and evaluating their own and others’ compositions and performances.
  • To develop children’s understanding of musical instruments and processes, including notation.
  • To develop our children’s respect for musical instruments.
  • To develop our children’s understanding of how music is influenced by time and place.
  • To provide a breadth of musical experiences, building upon and extending our children’s own musical knowledge and experience, and reflecting the diverse cultural backgrounds of our children within school.
  • To recognise that music can provide an important aesthetic, emotional and creative experience for all and is a powerful tool for inclusion and building  a sense of community within our school.
  • To provide our children with some degree of specialised musical training during their time at Streatham Wells.
  • To use the voice as an instrument, learning to pitch accurately and sing in tune, with some control of breathing and dynamics, working in groups in unison and simple two-part songs and rounds.

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Headteacher:Sarah Wordlaw

Assistant Headteacher:Emma Warsop

Assistant Headteacher and SENCO:Erica Van Driel