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Secondary Applications

It’s nearly that time…nearly time for your lovely Year 6 to move on to pastures new! It’s important to take time to think about secondary school, look around and ask questions and complete your application.

Here is some information for our Year 6 parents about applying for secondary school.

There’s lots of information on the Lambeth Website which is helpful.

Secondary schools open days and evenings

Before applying for a secondary school place for your child to start in Year 7, you should research all the schools that you and your child are interested in. Think about their strengths and what they love to do. For example, if they are a passionate musician, you may want to find a school who offers exceptional provision for this. You can find out lots of information on schools from their websites and by making visits on their open days. Check their websites for Open Day dates and/or give their school office a call for more information.

If your child is currently in Year 6, you must apply for a secondary place for the following September. The deadline for applications is midnight on Monday 31 October. Applications are made online. To submit your online application, you must click on the ‘submit application’ button. Once you’ve submitted your online application, you should receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted successfully alongside a unique application reference number. Please note: if you do not receive this email and an application reference number it means that your application was not submitted successfully and you must log in and click on the ‘submit application’ button again.

So long as you made the deadline for application (31st October), you will receive an email in the evening of 1st March asking you to log in to your child’s online application to view the outcome.

Applications are made through the eAdmissions Portal, which can be found here:


You will have the opportunity to put down 6 choices. It is important that you put down all 6, and not just your first choice, in case you do not get offered it.

On the eAdmissions Portal, you can also find out more information about our local schools and what they have to offer. If you would like some guidance on schools or the process, please do not hesitate to speak with Rosie (Year 6 Teacher) or Sarah (Headteacher).


You can find more information here:  









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